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Boston Globe Corrects False Characterization of Discovery Institute

John G. West

After wrongly reporting on 11/16/04 that Discovery Institute is “active in opposing the teaching of evolution in schools around the country,” The Boston Globe to its credit has issued a correction. As we pointed out to The Globe’s ombudsman, Discovery Institute actually favors the teaching of evolution, and has publicly denounced efforts to de-emphasize or remove evolution from school curricula (see here for an example).

Our gripe is not that students learn about evolution, but that they don’t learn enough about it. We think they should study not only the scientific evidence in favor of Darwin’s theory, but also the scientific evidence that raises problems for the theory. In other words, we think students need to learn more about evolution.

I told the Boston Globe reporter about our view in my interview with him, but he apparently wasn’t paying attention. On 11/27, The Globe admitted that its story “wrongly characterized the Seattle-based Discovery Institute. It supports school curriculums that deal with controversies about evolution but does not oppose the teaching of evolution.” (p. A2) The Globe and its ombudsman are to be commended for correcting this error.