Media’s bias on evolution becoming more blatant

Robert L. Crowther, II | @RLCrowther

Accuracy In Media (AIM) just published a story spanking the press for their reluctance to give fair and accurate coverage to challengers of Darwinian evolution. Cliff Kinkaid, editor of the AIM Report writes:

But those who believe in intelligent design or find gaping holes in the theory of evolution frequently encounter a hostile press. The Discovery Institute recently provided to Accuracy in Media a thick file of complaints about the way their representatives have been treated by the media, especially National Public Radio. The Discovery Institute focuses on the issue of whether there is any evidence of design in nature, rather than whether there is a designer. Still, its representatives tend to be portrayed in religious terms by the media.

The media have fallen prey to the misininformation campaign of Darwin-only advocates such as the NCSE and the ACLU, and routinely mischaracterize the issue as religion vs. science. And all without acknowledging the growing scientific debate over the lack of credible evidence for neo-Darwinism.