Albuquerque Journal says KNME guilty of “close cousin to censorship”

Robert L. Crowther, II

Saturday, the Albuquerque Journal ran a staff editorial chastising PBS affiliate KNME for its decision to ban UMOL. The Journal correctly pointed out that KNME’s censorship is nothing more than viewpoint discrimination writing, “refusing to air a program supporting the less popular point of view looks like a close cousin to censorship.” The Journal notes that KNME should have taken the high road and aired the film as an educational service to viewers.

“Consumers are best served when given a full range of viewpoints and allowed to decide for themselves what is fact and what is fiction.”

It’s obvious now that had KNME just aired the program the whole issue would be over and done with now and they wouldn’t be facing criticism for censorship. Further, they wouldn’t have opened up this hornets nest for PBS nationally who now will have to face similar charges for pulling the video from its web site.