Baylor Professors Take a Stand for Academic Freedom & Integrity

Seth Cooper

Supporters of intellectual engagement in academia and a public marketplace of ideas would do well to check out the latest edition of Academe, which features letters from philosopher and legal scholar Francis J. Beckwith and distinguished Mechanical Engineer Walter Bradley. (See the bottom quarter of the page, here).
The two Baylor University professors set the facts straight and defend the continuing debate over intelligent design theory in the academy. The letters come in response to earlier ad hominem attacks and wild-eyed conspiracy theories thrown their way by Barbara Forrest and Glen Branch—previously blogged about here.
It would be one thing if Forrest and Branch chose to vigorously argue for neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory based upon the scientific merits. That would be laudable. Unfortunately, they sidestepped serious discussion of scientific evidence or philosophy of science issues. It’s as if Forrest and Branch hope to establish their views as the politically correct of science by destroying the debate rather than trying to win it on the merits.
Beckwith and Bradley bluntly identify the witch-hunt tactics of their detractors and proceeded to take the high ground of academic freedom. If Forrest and Branch plan to continue carrying water for neo-Darwinian theory they might want to re-think their emphasis upon intimidation and science censorship. (But don’t get your hopes up on that one.)