CNN’s Lou Dobbs Airs Evolution Debate

Lou Dobbs’ tackles the evolution education debate with Jonathan Wells (whom they correctly identify as a scientist, a molecular biologist no less), John Morris of ICR and Darwinist philosopher Michael Ruse. Poor Michael, this is the second time this week he’s lost this debate.
“Lou Dobbs Tonight” airs 6-7pm EST, but is regularly rebroadcast throughout the evening, so be sure to check your local listings (For instance, it is rerun again in Seattle from 8-9pm).
The opening runup to the live debate segment gave a poor definition of intelligent design theory, and used the worn out scenes from Inherit the Wind. However, they actually did a good job in showing that all that is being considered in Kansas is criticism of Darwinian evolution and even said that intelligent design, creationism and so on are not in the proposed standards. And, they let one of the Kansas board members explain what the board is doing rather than letting someone else put words in the board’s mouth.
Both Wells and Morris made good points, especially about what is actually being considered by the Kansas State Board of Education. Ruse of course wanted to redefine science as “the fact of evolution” and kept trying to make the point that creationism was being considered in Kansas. He also indicated that he has no problem with critically analysing anything in science, so one wonders why he was arguing about this at all. Ruse and Morris went at each other a bit, while Wells was mostly measured in his points, and Ruse by contrast looked a little desperate.
In the end Lou Dobbs said that evolution is a theory that does not provide all the answers, and a theory that can’t be tested experimentally, so what’s wrong with allowing criticism of it in the classroom? Good question Lou.