ID and “Divine Design,” Part Two

Blogger Ed Brayton is fulminating over my comments about those who wrongly conflate intelligent design theory with religion. Brayton responds with proof-texts supposedly showing that key ID supporters think ID makes religious claims after all. Mr. Brayton doth protest too much. First of all, if he had read the article I referenced in my blog post about why ID is not creationism, he would have known that I never deny that ID can have metaphysical implications. As I wrote in that article:

Darwinism is dead! Long live Darwinism!

The World Summit on Evolution just happened earlier this month with less fanfare than one might expect in these days of overhyping Darwin’s legacy. It seems that about 200 biologists gathered in Chuck’s old stomping grounds in the Galapagos to compare notes on neo-Darwinian evolution and breathe some life back into the aging concept. One blogging attendee explained why it had to be kept so hush-hush: “Arrival details were kept under wraps, said one organizer, lest the Creationist community get wind of the fact that so many evolutionary luminaries would be on the same plane to the island.”

Boston Globe Editorial Shows How a Little Learning Can Be a Dangerous Thing

Today’s Boston Globe carries an inane editorial attacking intelligent design that demonstrates how a little learning (in this case, very little) can be a dangerous thing. The Globe editorialist no doubt thought he was valiantly defending good science, but instead he simply exposes how uninformed he is. The editorial starts by dismissing Dr. Stephen Meyer’s peer-reviewed journal article from the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. According to the Globe:

My $100 Challenge to Science Magazine: Prove Your Claim about Kansas, and I’ll Help You Promote Evolution

As pointed out in my blog post below, Science magazine is running a bogus news item asserting that the Kansas Board of Education is considering whether to mandate intelligent design. I challenge Science magazine to produce proof of its claim. If it can do so, I am willing to donate $100 to Science’s parent organization, the American Association for the Advacement of Science (AAAS), so that it can promote Darwinian evolution. This challenge is good until 5:00 pm Pacific Time on June 28. The staff of Science are invited to send their evidence to (And no, another false news report from another sloppy news organization doesn’t constitute evidence.)

Science Magazine Stands Up for Science Fiction

Science Magazine’s “Netwatch” for today has an item titled “Standing up for Darwin.” I hope the magazine’s review process for scientific articles is better than its apparently non-existent fact-checking of news items. In typically histrionic tones, the piece laments: Evolution is under attack again, as school boards in Kansas and other states consider whether to mandate teaching of “intelligent design”…