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Science Magazine Stands Up for Science Fiction

Science Magazine’s “Netwatch” for today has an item titled “Standing up for Darwin.” I hope the magazine’s review process for scientific articles is better than its apparently non-existent fact-checking of news items. In typically histrionic tones, the piece laments:

Evolution is under attack again, as school boards in Kansas and other
states consider whether to mandate teaching of “intelligent design”…

As we’ve reported repeatedly on this blog, Kansas is NOT considering whether to mandate the teaching of intelligent design. The Kansas Board of Education has made this point very clear. Indeed, the latest draft of the science standards under consideration in Kansas contains the following statement:

the Science Curriculum Standards do not include the theory of Intelligent Design. While the testimony presented at the science hearings included both advocates and critics of the theory of Intelligent Design, we do not include it in these curriculum standards. The Board does not take a position on this topic.

Which part of this statement doesn’t the news staff at Science understand?