On The Strategy for Shutting Down Scientific Dissent

Discovery President Bruce Chapman has an essay –“A Darwinist’s Declension (Nude Descending a Staircase)”– with a delightful ending, that explains the hypocritical progression of argument employed to prevent questioning of Darwin’s theory.

Nude Descending a Staircase

Chapman writes:

If the Darwin-doubters and design advocates want to be taken seriously they must publish in peer-reviewed science journals. Never mind that the Darwinists work hard to blackball on principle any heretics whose work is submitted at such journals. Yet, even in the face of such tactics, more and more Darwin critics and design proponents began to break through in peer-reviewed journals. So the Darwinists (as in the Sternberg case at the Smithsonian) attacked the journal editors who allowed such outrages to occur. In the case of the Smithsonian, critics with relatively unimpressive scientific credentials besmirched an editor who has two doctorates in evolutionary biology.


As usual, this standard does not apply to work by Darwinists, only to their adversaries.

You can read the rest here.