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David Limbaugh on Darwin, design and academic freedom

David Limbaugh has a stellar column out today, discussing the Darwin vs. design debate.

Simply put, Limbaugh’s column gets the facts straight.

Namely: there is a growing scientific controversy over Darwin’s theory; a growing number of scientists have voiced scientific dissent from Darwin’s theory — at great risk of intellectual and professional persecution; some scientists are now of the view that the evidence best supports the theory of intelligent design (ID); many outspoken advocates for Darwin’s theory have resorted to name-calling and motive-mongering in order to dismiss ID and deny it a fair examination on the evidence; and the nation’s premier think-tank promoting ID in research and in publication does not advocate the mandating of ID in schools—but rather insists that students should be able to hear about the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwin’s theory.

On supporting academic freedom as the common sense approach to teaching about evolution in public schools, Limbaugh poses some important questions:

Don’t academics purport to champion free and open inquiry? What, then, are they so afraid of regarding the innocuous introduction into the classroom of legitimate questions concerning Darwinism?

FYI, Limbaugh has previously blogged on these issues at his website, as noted here and here.