Academic Freedom for Politically Correct Professors Thrives at KU

My old college town paper, the Lawrence Journal-World, reports that two new classes at the University of Kansas will work to discredit the theory of intelligent design. One class, taught by religion professor Paul Mirecki, chairman of KU’s religious studies department, was initially titled Special Topics in Religion: Intelligent Design, Creationism and Other Religious Mythologies. […]

Stop CNN Before They Edit Again

CNN strikes again, delivering a completely biased story about the debate over intelligent desgin. In their treatment of Dr. Behe, CNN’s editors used short quotes from Dr. Behe interspersed with factually inaccurate voiceovers to mislead viewers about Dr. Behe’s views on intelligent design. Rather than let Dr. Behe in his own words define intelligent design, and his work related to it, CNN correspondent Delia Gallegher puts words in his mouth wrongly stating: “Michael Behe is a major player behind intelligent design, the movement that’s trying to bring the supernatural into science.”

False Facts Syndrome Infects Article on Caldwell Lawsuit

Media coverage of a recent lawsuit filed against UC Berkeley and NSF shows again the media’s inability to cover the debate over evolution accurately and without bias. Casey Luskin’s reports: “The AP wrongly insinuates that attorney Larry Caldwell is arguing that government funding of a website promoting neo-Darwinian theory is itself unconstitutional. It also falsely insinuates that Caldwell is somehow arguing that teaching neo-Darwinian theory is inherently religious or inherently unconstitutional. In reality, Caldwell’s legal arguments are altogether different, and very precise.” Read the rest of this story at

Responses to the San Diego Union Tribune’s anti-ID editorial

The recent actions by the Kansas State Board of Education have given a site like Evolution News and Views, which is dedicated to help correct misinformation in the media about the debate over Darwin, an endless supply of material. This time, however, the IDEA Center has also posted some good responses to the San Diego Union Tribune’s (SDUT) recent anti-ID editorial chastely titled “Voodoo Science.” The SDUT piece makes a number of mistakes about the recent events in Kansas.

Krauthammer’s ID Strawman

Charles Krauthammer’s syndicated essay against intelligent design ran opposite mine in today’s Seattle Times. The piece is full of problems, which Tom Gilson and Lawrence Seldon explore in loving detail here and here. Now I would have framed a couple of points in their otherwise fine analysis a little differently. In one place,

Students Let the ID Genie out of the Lamp

Faced with a realization that support for “diversity” at
Cornell does not extend to academic viewpoints, some 80
students have organized an IDEA chapter on campus and are
educating themselves.

“Good Humored” Cardinal Inspired by Pope in Debate Over Evolution and Intelligent Design

The Catholic church is struggling to make the mainstream media understand and report its position on science, Darwinism, and materialism. This is no more apparent than the recent speech by the Pope and now a followup by Cardinal Schoenborn senior editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Read “Good Humored Cardinal Inspired by Pope in Debate Over Evolution and Intelligent Design” at

Kansas Definition of Science Consistent With All Other States Contrary to Media Claims

Kansas reinstated a traditional definition of science which reads: “Science is a systematic method of continuing investigation that uses observation, hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation, logical argument and theory-building to lead to more adequate explanations of natural phenomena.” This is nearly identical to the definition of science adhered to in 40 states across the country (nine states do not define science at all). Kansas is the only state that did not have a traditional definition of science.