Intelligent Design Roundup: Toward a Darwinist Theocracy

I’m not the only one commenting on “Those Defensive Darwinists.” Many of the most vocal defenders of Darwinism aren’t behaving like dispassionate scientists, secure in the truth of their theory and, therefore, unruffled when others put forward an opposing scientific theory of life’s origin. They’re behaving as if ID theorists have touched a nerve. Three recent essays treat the subject incisively. William Rusher of the Claremont Institute asks, “What are the scientists really afraid of?” At Human Events Online, Barney Brenner asks, “Why Are Darwinists So Afraid of Intelligent Design?” And Albert Mohler discusses “Why Darwinism Survives.” (Note to Barbara Forrest: The latter essay appears at a Christian website, and Mohler is the president of a Christian seminary: you’ll want to use this to mount an ad hominem attack on his argument, much as you did against leading design theorists in your book and at the Dover trial).