New York Times is Too Busy to Interview its Quotees

Today New York Times reporter Kirk Johnson totally misrepresented what I said in his article “Anti-Darwin Bill Fails in Utah.” I said that to the extent that the bill supported critical analysis it was a loss, but we really didn’t care about this bill because it amounted to a meaningless disclaimer, and we’ve never thought […]

UPDATE: Sun Sentinel Suppresses Accurate Definition of Intelligent Design

Editor’s Note: In the original post we mistakenly identified the newspaper in question as the Orlando Sentinel. It was in fact the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale. While the identification was incorrect, the links all went to the right articles. In what was supposed to be a news article, the Sun Sentinel yesterday substituted its […]

Exposure of NYT’s Evolving Definition of “Biologist” Hits Nerve

My previous post exposing how the New York Times changes its definition of who is a biologist depending on whether a scientist supports or opposes Darwin’s theory has apparently hit a raw nerve. A Darwinist blogsite calling itself “Hell’s Handmaiden” has taken me to task for supposed inaccuracies in my post. But it turns out […]

Wise’s Darwinian Double-Speak

Editor’s Note: This was sent to us from a former Discovery policy analyst. Martha Wise is a member of the Ohio Board of Education. She cannot stand anything that is not conclusively and absolutely pro-Darwinian in science education. She is also the chief censor of any scientific criticisms of neo-Darwinian theory. Martha helped to oust […]

Critically Analyzing Martha Wise’s Editorial

In the Cincinnati Enquirer on February 22, Ohio State Board of Education Member Martha K. Wise has an editorial entitled Conservative Ohio values led to change in evolution policy. I find this editorial intriguing. Here is how she starts the essay: “I believe in God the creator. I believe in freedom. I believe in America, […]

Gary Hurd’s Shot Hurd ‘Round the World

In a recent editorial, Gary S. Hurd complains about an apparent misquote on a quote from Bill Gates about the software-qualities of DNA. Hurd devoted a large portion of his editorial to complaining about the fact that apparently I and some others have misplaced a comma and accidentally inserted the word “we’ve” into the quote […]

Another Student Letter Defends ID against Ad Hominem-Happy Critics

Rabia Malik, a leader of the IDEA Club at Cornell University has an insightful letter published in today’s Cornell Daily Sun. Rabia explains clearly how Darwinists resort to stereotypes and ad hominem attacks upon ID proponents. Yet she herself stands as a refutation of these stereotypes, as she explains “For the record – I am […]

All the News that Fits: The NYT’s Evolving Definition of “Biologist”

Who are biologists? The New York Times can’t seem to make up its mind. Last week, the Times described Darwinist Patricia Princehouse at Case Western Reserve University as an “evolutionary biologist.” This was despite the fact that Princehouse’s doctorate is in the history of science–not biology–and her position at her university is “Lecturer in Philosophy […]

Predictable as Clockwork, the New York Times Misses The News In Reporting On Scientists Dissenting From Darwinism

The New York Times today reported on the growing number of scientists who are skeptical of Darwinian evolution. Yet the Times has quite predictably, maybe even purposefully, missed the point of the Scientific Dissent From Darwinism List. Because reporters and editors at the Times apparently can’t accept the fact that scientists, for scientific reasons, have […]