Darwinian Fundamentalism on Dover: “Inherit the …”

Jonathan Witt

Lawrence Selden analyzes a recent Zogby poll asking whether public high school students should learn only the scientific evidence for Darwinism or the evidence both for and against the theory:

Here are the results of a new poll by Zogby measuring the public’s views on Teaching the Controversy v. Darwinian Totalitarianism. The Evo News post is here. What I find most striking is the clear progression when looking at age demographics. Support for teaching the controversy is as follows:
Age //Support
18-24 // 83.9%
25-34 // 79.6%
35-54 // 70.5%
55-69 // 61.1%
70+ // 51.2%
This does not bode well for the future of Darwinian Totalitarianism.

The full essay, including Selden’s mischievous title, is here. He concludes the piece thus:

I also got a good chuckle out of another tidbit: the education demographic where the Darwinistas do best is the group with less than a high school diploma.