Dissenting Scientist Explains Some of His Concerns Over Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Robert L. Crowther, II

The Scientific Dissent From Darwinism list continues to grow. Last month we announced the list now had over 500 scientists. Since that time we’ve had nearly another 100 PhD scientists contact and request to be added to the list. The next public update of the list will undoubtedly see it grow to over 600. One recent scientist added to the Dissent list submitted a letter with his request to be on the list. With his permission you can read it here. Dr. William Hart, PhD. Mathematics, is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

His letter opens:

I am a PhD mathematician who has recently (in the last couple of years) examined carefully the claim that the neo-Darwinian synthesis adequately accounts for the variety of life on earth. I have read countless texts on geology, biology (and cosmology) in a multitude of sub-disciplines and can honestly affirm that I am skeptical that the evidence points toward anything like mutation plus natural selection as being the cause of the variety of life that we see both today and in the fossil record.
Furthermore, I do not find any of the more involved hypotheses to hold water. Many of them are without evidence, or inferred from studies which are chosen specifically to support that particular hypothesis, and even then the fit is poor. Also, individual hypotheses which are cited as being well-supported components of the theory of evolution, in fact contradict one another.

Hart goes on to very concisely summarize many of the problems with Darwinian evolution. He points to a certain arrogance among scientists that has led them to arrive “at the current point in the history of science by systematically looking for evidence to support our favorite conjectures, rather than actively seeking evidence which independently confirms conclusions reached by other lines of scientific enquiry.”
He concludes:

I feel that it is unlikely that my position with regard to evolution will change dramatically in the near future, the state of affairs being so dire. Therefore I see no reason why my name should not be added to the list of PhD. scientists who dissent from the theory of evolution.

I predict that there are many, many more scientists like Dr. Hart, and that the Scientific Dissent From Darwinism list is just the tip of the iceberb.
Last summer, New York Times reporter Jodi Rudoren was surprised that we had at that time nearly reached 400 signers. She even commented to me that it seemed to her we’d obviously found the majority of scientists who doubted Darwin’s theory. Often people are surprised to find out that there are indeed sizable numbers of scientists who are skeptical of Darwinian evolution. That’s not as surprising to scientists who are familiar with vast numbers of articles in the scientific literature that expose the unresolved problems and challenges to Darwinian evolution.