Intelligent Design Classes Appearing on More College Campuses

With the rise in public desire for information about intelligent design and the overall debate over how to teach evolution it is no surprise that we’re seeing more classes on intelligent design at colleges, albeit usually in philosophy as opposed to science. Much attention has been given to the future course on ID recently announced […]

Catholics, Evangelicals Defend Intelligent Design

Dr. George Coyne, the University of Arizona astronomer and Jesuit priest who is also head of the Vatican Observatory has been speaking to whatever Darwinist group will have him on the topic of why intelligent design “belittles God” and should be opposed by Catholics, who, indeed, should welcome Darwin’s theory in all its glory. Coyne […]

The Dogma of Darwinian Evolution

Human Events Online has published a wonderful little essay by Greg Frankey explaining how liberal organizations like the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State are working to keep any mention of intelligent design out of public school classes of any stripe, let alone science classes. In arguing so he shows how […]

Chapman’s Take: A Great Night for Intelligent Design

Last night’s debate before 800 at Town Hall in Seattle was a notable success for Dr. Stephen Meyer, Discovery Institute and the case for intelligent design. The Seattle Times co-sponsored the “Talk of the Times” event with Town Hall and their respective representatives seemed surprised by the large public response. Like some of the local […]

Seattle Times Reporter Rides The Misinformation Train and Mischaracterizes Discovery Institute and Intelligent Design

Tonight, Seattle Times reporter David Postman will moderate a debate over intelligent design and evolution between CSC Director Stephen Meyer and UW Paleontologist Peter Ward. If Postman’s article in the Times today is any guide, Meyer has his work cut out for him trying to correct and educate the moderator, as well as having to […]

Fair Fight Over Darwinism and Design in North Carolina

When the controversy over Darwinism and intelligent design is debated on university campuses, the deck is usually stacked heavily against proponents of intelligent design. North Carolina State University has shown, however, that the topic can be debated with the fairness and civility that ought to characterize academic discussions. On Thursday, April 20, before a crowd […]

Bowman Law Review Makes Good Points but Article Misunderstands ID

Legal commentary mentioning the Kitzmiller decision is now starting to appear in legal journals. In the Spring, 2006 issue of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, one of the most widely circulated law journals, the lead article addresses intelligent design, Kitzmiller, and the establishment clause. Cristi L. Bowman’s article, “Seeing Government Purpose Through […]

The Role of Evolution in Biomedical Research is Highly Exaggerated

Darwinists claim that their theory is the foundation of all science. Indeed, we are often told that nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of it. In a news article last November, a Stanford biologist claimed he had been guided in his research by Darwinian evolution: “Researchers at the School of Medicine uncovered […]