Intelligent Design Classes Appearing on More College Campuses

With the rise in public desire for information about intelligent design and the overall debate over how to teach evolution it is no surprise that we’re seeing more classes on intelligent design at colleges, albeit usually in philosophy as opposed to science. Much attention has been given to the future course on ID recently announced at Cornell. But, Knox College is just now finishing a course on the subject.
From the media report it’s a little hard to tell what the actual content of the course was. But according to the professor Martin Roth students seemed to appreciate the chance to learn about ID.

“All of the students are now very much aware that the issue is far more complicated than implied by the media,” Roth added.”

Here’s the reading list:

“The principal reading material was Debating Design by Michael Ruse as well as excerpts and articles by William Dembski and others on intelligent design and natural selection. In addition, the class studied some chapters of Phillip E. Johnson’s Darwin on Trial and Moral Darwinism: How We Became Hedonists by Benjamin Wiker and Dembski.”