NPR: “National Propaganda Report”?

Bruce Chapman

The new journalistic standard that politically incorrect views do not need to be represented, let alone reported fairly, was on full display on today’s NPR Morning Edition coverage of a teachers convention in California where a class was taught on how to teach evolution. Reporter Gloria Hillard did a fine job of hyping what was, in fact, a small gathering and allowing evolutionist Prof. Ken Miller plenty of time to define the issue of intelligent design.If you want to know the opposition view, go to the Answers in Genesis creationist website for further information on the topic, he suggested. Wasn’t that nice of him?
There was no attempt whatever to have a contrary point of view heard.
Usually NPR at least will try to find an inept critic to quote or a good critic who can be quoted out of context or making his most minor point. Not even that today from Gloria Hillard (and her producer).
I just finished re-reading Herbert Marcuse’s 1965 essay on “Repressive Tolerance.” The theme is the need to listen tolerantly to views that are acceptable, if not quite right, but to throttle those that are objectively wrong. People who are just wrong should be repressed. This is the creed that encouraged the New Left to shout down speakers with whom they disagreed in the 60s. Now the aging New Lefties and their younger recruits run the mainstream media. They ARE the culture. And they are not liberal in any old fashioned sense.

Bruce Chapman

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