— Educating the Spanish Speaking Community about Intelligent Design

Having spent a lot of time in the Spanish-speaking world and with those in the Spanish-speaking community in the U.S., I’m very excited to announce an excellent new website,, which is providing resources on intelligent design in Spanish. Headed by Mr. Mario Lopez, with collaborating scientists from around the world, the site boasts many […]

Response To John Rennie at Scientific American

I appreciate that John Rennie has posted a response to my response to his original post about Kansas on the Scientific American blog. (And I happily forgive the accidental misspelling of my name.) A common tactic in debate is to condescendingly say, “Thanks for proving my point,” when your debate opponent actually refuted all of […]

Peer-Review, Intelligent Design, and John Derbyshire’s New Bumper Sticker (Part I)

The Talk Origins Bumper Sticker: John Derbyshire gave a brief review of Traipsing Into Evolution: Intelligent Design and the Kitzmiller v. Dover Decision at National Review Online. Unfortunately, Mr. Derbyshire misses our point about peer-review and ID, and repeats typical Darwinist goalpost-changing tactics on the issue of peer-review. Regarding peer-review, Derbyshire claims that “Judge Jones […]

Kansas Citizens for Misrepresenting the Kansas Science Standards’ Misinformation Promoted by Scientific American

On the Scientific American Blog, John Rennie has perpetuated various myths about the Kansas Science Standards (KSS) promoted by “Kansas Citizens for Science.” Mr. Rennie upholds a recent KCFS news post which says the following: Q. How have the standards changed? The KBOE (Kansas Board of Education) Standards: — Change the definition of science so […]

New Book Explores the Case for Purpose and Meaning in Our World

Standing in stark contrast to contemporary claims that the world is meaningless, A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature reveals a cosmos charged with both meaning and purpose. Written by Dr. Benjamin Wiker and Dr. Jonathan Witt of the Center for Science & Culture, the groundbreaking new book shows […]

It’s Simple: Only Science in the Science Classroom

Some Darwinists have sometimes argued that if ID were taught in schools, then that would risk opening the science classroom to a floodgate of religious ideas about origins, wreaking havoc upon the classroom and turning it into a platform for religious proseltyzation. (For an older example of this objection, see Robert Pennock’s Tower of Babel, […]

Canadian Quilters Attack Intelligent Design

After I moved to college, my mom turned my bedroom into her quilting room. Though mom now makes very nice quilts, I am sadly stuck with a long-standing grudge against quilters (who are usually very nice people). Because of my personal history, I found it particularly amusing when I read in “The art of quilting” […]

Discovery Fellow at White House Non-signing

Wesley J. Smith (seen here with White House press secretary Tony Snow) was invited to the West Wing yesterday to witness the President’s veto of the embryonic stem cell bill. Smith, a Discovery senior fellow on bioethics issues, writes frequently for various magazines and newspapers, including The Weekly Standard and National Review Online, is promoting […]