The Pope’s Parlay: Vatican Officials Gather to Discuss Evolution

The recent Guardian story that the Pope may be about to endorse intelligent design as a scientific theory is way off the mark, I believe. There clearly is more media interest in this weekend’s meeting than the annual reunion of the pope’s former theology students ordinarily would warrant, even given this year’s special topic. But […]

Beasts in the Forest Do The Evolution

Over at Uncommon Descent, William Dembski has highlighted a video we’ve been watching and talking about here in the Discovery offices for a while now — Pearl Jam’s 1998 “Do The Evolution.” Technically, it’s a brilliant video, animated by award winning artist Todd McFarlane. It takes the viewer through the history of mankind, starting from […]

Jerry Coyne Attacks Evolution-Skeptic With Namecalling in Nature

In a recent book review in Nature, Jerry Coyne had unkind words for a questioner who raised his hand after Coyne gave a talk against intelligent design at the Alaska Bar Association. Coyne wrote: After lecturing this spring to the Alaska Bar Association on the debate over intelligent design and evolution, I was approached at […]

Learn about “True Religion” According to Judge Jones: Watch the Traipsing Into Evolution C-SPAN Event Online

If you want to watch John West and I speaking about the Kitzmiller decision on C-SPAN-2’s Book-TV, it is now online in Real Player format, here. Unfortunately, the video is pretty low-resolution, but the audio comes through very well. John West makes an interesting point that since the Kitzmiller decision, Judge Jones has engaged in […]

Did Darwinism “Evolve” into Hitler’s Programs and the “New Eugenics”?

For those with cable or satellite TV reception, the documentary “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy”, airing on various stations across the country this Saturday and Sunday, has kicked up a fuss that should spark public interest and viewership. We have no idea whether the program is well done or not, but we do notice–like “Joy” at TelicThoughts–that […]

The UW Daily: Balanced Reporting, Bungled Editorializing

Last week, The Daily of the University of Washington ran two pieces concerning ID. The first was a surprisingly straightforward and neutral news article about UW scientists who had signed the Dissent from Darwin list, while the second was a knee-jerk reaction more typical of an alternative weekly than an award-winning college paper. In the […]