Winter Chill Comes Early to Quebec

The whole point of independent schools is that they are supposed to be independent! The whole point of the media is to report the news, not distortions. Yet in the story from The Ottawa Citzen (“Teach sex and evolution or close, Quebec evangelical schools told“), we discover by reading the whole story carefully that the schools under attack do teach evolution. They also teach the scientific evidence against it and they teach intelligent design. And that additional teaching is the state’s real beef.

So here we have the state threatening to close supposedly independent schools because, de facto, they fail to teach the party line that there is no evidence against Darwin’s theory. That is sheer nonsense. Further, though we at Discovery Institute do not urge public schools to require instruction in intelligent design, we cannot understand how a state can prohibit a PRIVATE school from including such teaching.
(PC in Canada is in even worse than in the US, that’s for sure.)
Then there is the news story itself. The news writers and headline writer collude with the province’s censors and mislead their readers into thinking that evolution is not being taught at all in the evangelical schools. Only late in the story does the truth come out. The real story is that the province is persecuting people for no good reason whatever and misrepresenting what the schools are doing.
As for sex education, what business of the state is it what a church school teaches or doesn’t teach on moral issues?