89 Schools in the UK Reportedly Teaching Criticism of Darwinian Evolution and Intelligent Design

BBC News is reporting that 89 British secondary schools are using the materials sent to them by Truth in Science (TiS), which we reported on last month. The packets include the documentary “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” and were sent to over 5000 schools in Britian, igniting a national debate over the teaching of evolution.

Last night BBC News Night ran a very interesting discussion between TiS spokesperson Professor Andy Mcintosh and Darwinist Professor Lewis Wolpert. You can watch it on their website — though this link may disappear soon. The nine-minute story starts at 18:46 and by the end of the piece even the newscaster seems to have tired of Wolpert’s monotonous — and apparently only — talking point that ID is just religion.
Finally, the newscaster lets Mcintosh briefly explain the argument for intelligent design from information in DNA. Wolpert of course has no clue how to respond and resorts to badgering Mcintosh about who the designer might be. Mcintosh knows that the issue is science, not religion, and so stuck to the science and made his case that TiS is simply seeking to follow the evidence where it leads, and that’s what should be presented in science classes.