The truth about Haeckel’s Embryos

The length some Darwinists have gone to in their efforts to deny that Haeckel’s embryo drawings were fraudulently used in modern biology textbooks has made for some interesting reading over the years. That these efforts were often used to paint intelligent design scientists such as Jonathan Wells as liars is even more outrageous. Where is the evidence for these claims? Or, as Casey Luskin puts it in a new article, “What Do Modern Textbooks Really Say about Haeckel’s Embryos?

Luskin gives his reasons for analyzing no fewer than ten modern textbooks as follows:

Many Darwinists are scurrying around on their blogs and at movie screenings, trying to rewrite history by claiming that Haeckel’s embryo drawings were never used in modern textbooks. In a contradictory claim, some then concede that modern textbooks did use the drawings but argue that Haeckel’s work was only cited to provide some historical context to evolutionary theory–they assert that Haeckel’s fraudulent drawings are not used to promote evolution in modern textbooks. They are wrong on both counts.

Luskin’s thorough analysis is well worth the read for anyone who seeks proof that, contrary to what you may have heard in a recent documentary, Haeckel’s embryo drawings are used in various modern textbooks.