True or False: Darwinian evolution is random

Newsweek has a Global Literacy Quiz testing general knowledge, based, of course, on their reporting. The questions under the Science heading are bold, ranging from the age of the universe to stem cell research to Darwinian evolution:

Darwinist or Darwinian, They’re One and the Same

The Seattle Weekly is one of those free newsprint advertisers that you find in bins on street corners in most major U. S. cities. Their editorial boards usually consist of people too far to the left even for the establishment media, and as sources of news they’re probably about as reliable as Minju Choson, the official organ of the Democratic People’s Republic of [North] Korea. But homeless people make good use of them. The August 29, 2007 issue of The Seattle Weekly features an article quoting Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). Despite its name, the NCSE is not about teaching science but indoctrinating students at public expense in Darwinism, the creation myth of Read More ›

Exhuming the Peppered Mummy

The peppered myth died several years ago when scientists discovered that photos of peppered moths on tree trunks – used in most biology textbooks to convince students of Darwinian evolution – had been staged. Now, in a lecture in Sweden on August 23, 2007, Cambridge University biologist Michael Majerus has disinterred the corpse. He announced that by looking out his window at moths in the back yard he had found new evidence that peppered moths are “proof of Darwinian evolution,” that humans invented God, and that there will be “no second coming; no helping hand from on high.” No, this was not on “The Simpsons.” This really happened. To read more about how someone could think that moths in his Read More ›

Expelling Dogma: An Interview with Expelled’s Executive Producer

Over at ID The Future we are featuring the first part of an interview with Premise Media’s Walt Ruloff, the executive producer for the new Ben Stein film, Expelled, due out in February of next year. In this installment, Ruloff gives a brief overview of Expelled, explains how he came to spend over two years making the film, talks about intelligent design as a disruptive technology compared to dogmatic Darwinian evolution, and tells how the film will show that Darwinian evolution is a science stopper. Rather than get mired in the politics of the debate, Ruloff explains that Expelled gets to “where the rubber meets the road, where the science is being done.”