True or False: Darwinian evolution is random

Newsweek has a Global Literacy Quiz testing general knowledge, based, of course, on their reporting. The questions under the Science heading are bold, ranging from the age of the universe to stem cell research to Darwinian evolution:

Darwinist or Darwinian, They’re One and the Same

The Seattle Weekly is one of those free newsprint advertisers that you find in bins on street corners in most major U. S. cities. Their editorial boards usually consist of people too far to the left even for the establishment media, and as sources of news they’re probably about as reliable as Minju Choson, the […]

Exhuming the Peppered Mummy

The peppered myth died several years ago when scientists discovered that photos of peppered moths on tree trunks – used in most biology textbooks to convince students of Darwinian evolution – had been staged. Now, in a lecture in Sweden on August 23, 2007, Cambridge University biologist Michael Majerus has disinterred the corpse. He announced […]

Essential Reading: No Free Lunch

No Free Lunch: Why Specified Complexity Cannot Be Purchased without Intelligence By William A. Dembski Rowman & Littlefield, 2002, 404 pages ISBN 0-7425-1297-5 No Free Lunch, the sequel to mathematician and philosopher William Dembski’s Cambridge University Press book The Design Inference, explores key questions about the origin of specified complexity. Dembski explains that the Darwinian […]