AAAS Fellow and Darwin Skeptic Lyle Jensen

Over at ID the Future they’ve just completed a series of six interviews with Dr. Lyle Jensen, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Jensen, a biochemist and pioneer in the field of x-ray crystallography, shares his thoughts on the scope of his work (he was recruited for the Manhattan Project in 1943, recognized by the American Crystallographic Association in 1983 with the Fankuchen Memorial Award in X-Ray Crystallography, and again honored in 2000 with the Martin J. Buerger Award).
Dr. Jensen also explains why he dissents from Darwinism and thinks schools should present both the arguments for and against Darwinian evolution.
Links to the podcasts are below the fold

Part 1: How Lyle Jensen became interested in science in the 1920s and 1930s
Part 2: Lyle Jensen’s time at Walla Walla College and University of Washington grad school
Part 3: The Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb
Part 4: X-ray crystallography and Lyle Jensen’s groundbreaking work in identifying protein structures
Part 5: Doubts about Darwinism
Part 6: Allowing students to hear the full story of Darwinian evolution