Hundreds Turn Out for Seattle Screening of Ben Stein Film Expelled

Last night was another screening of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, this one in Seattle and sans the infamous partycrasher Richard Dawkins. Still, the downtown theater, AMC Pacific Place, was packed out. Like every other screening, the audience loved it. The movie, whatever you might think of intelligent design, or evolution, or Darwin, is entertaining and at times irresistibly funny. And lucky us, this was the first showing of the actual 35mm print — exactly what audiences will see across the country when the film opens on April 18th.
Discovery president Bruce Chapman has a good post about it at Discovery Blog.

A crowd of 350 invited guests attended a pre-screening of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed tonight in Seattle’s Pacific Place. I can see now why the eminent Richard Dawkins, who crashed a screening in Minneapolis last week, remains so upset about Ben Stein’s movie. He must not have realized until he sat in the theater last week and heard people laughing at him on the screen that he had made himself look foolish. On his website he calls the audience “sycophantic.”
Among other things, he writes that before he was interviewed he didn’t know who actor/economist/columnist Ben Stein was or that his droll monotone had comedic appeal to those strange Americans. He’s so “boring,” Dawkins writes. (Ferris Bueller thought the very same, Richard.)

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