Spain Makes a Monkey of Naturalism

Spain’s parliament has taken the dubious first step in support of “our evolutionary comrades” in adopting special rights for apes akin to human rights, the first time any nation has done so. The decision of the Spanish parliament is manifestly the triumph of sentimentality over reason. Although the leftist politicos who supported the ruling no doubt view themselves as enlightened citizens of a scientifically progressive Europe, their emoting and posturing has blinded them to the contradictions entailed by their position.

Victory in Louisiana: Governor Jindal Signs Historic Science Education Act On Evolution and Education

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed into law the Louisiana Science Education Act, ensuring the state’s teachers their right to teach the scientific evidence both for and against Darwinian evolution. The bill enjoyed surprisingly overwhelming support from lawmakers. It was passed unanimously by the Louisiana state senate, and pased the state House by a vote of 93-4.Here are some key facts about the new law.

Ben Stein Receives EMA Freedom of Expression Award

[Note: For an extensive defense of Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, please see: NCSE Exposed at] Ben Stein was just recognized by the Entertainment Merchants Association for his courageous work in Expelled.From here: EMA’s Freedom of Expression Award, which previously has been presented to George Carlin and the Smothers Brothers, recognizes individuals associated with the home entertainment industry who have spoken out on important political, social, and cultural issues, often at considerable professional risk. EMA champions the First Amendment rights of DVD and video game retailers and their customers by actively opposing legislative proposals that would curtail those rights and filing legal challenges to laws that violate the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression, no matter how Read More ›

ACLU Says Louisiana Science Education Bill on Evolution and Other Issues Is Fine As Written

After all of the harrumphing by Darwinists that the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) promotes “creationism” and is therefore unconstitutional, the director of the Louisiana ACLU has now conceded that the bill is actually fine as written according to a Louisiana TV station: ACLU Executive Director Marjorie Esman said that if the Act is utilized as written, it should be fine…. Of course, Ms. Esman goes on to fret that some people might misuse the bill, and in that case the ACLU might sue. Well, I have news for Ms. Esman: Any law can be disregarded, and so yes, if a teacher wants to willfully ignore what the Louisiana Science Education Act says and try to endorse religion, the teacher Read More ›

Atheist Writer Says Louisiana Science Education Act Promotes Critical Thinking, not Creationism

Self-described atheist writer Jason Streitfeld is calling on his fellow atheists to endorse the Louisiana Science Education Act, which would support teachers who want to promote critical thinking on evolution and other science issues. “The bill is good. The bill is right. The bill should be embraced by atheists and scientists throughout the world,” writes Streitfeld in The American Chronicle. He says that the current approach to science education in America isn’t working, and we need to try something new: The way public schools in America teach science simply isn’t working. Students don’t learn how exciting and dynamic scientific discovery can be. Instead, they memorize (or, at least, they try to memorize) dry facts and formulas. Rarely do they engage Read More ›