The Catechism Versus the Data (Part 4): The Origin of the Tetrapods

This is the fourth in a blog series responding to John Timmer’s online review of the supplementary biology textbook Explore Evolution. The first part is here, the second here, and the third here. 4. Well, the Tetrapods are Monophyletic: Only “Ph.D.” Malcolm Gordon Disagrees, Right? Timmer accuses EE of what he calls the “find a […]

Where Frankenstein Came From

Tis the season to creep yourself out with a good story — especially a true story. ID the Future features a special Halloween podcast that delves into the real-life inspiration for a fearful favorite: Click here to listen. On this episode of ID the Future, John West shares the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In […]

Vancouver Sun Columnist Is Uninformed on Intelligent Design and Misleads Readers About IDers’ Views on Science and Evolution

Vancouver Sun columnist Peter McKnight has suddenly launched a crusade against intelligent design in a series of columns looking at science and religion. In the second part we learn that McKnight is sadly uninformed about intelligent design. He conflates it with creationism, and confines it pretty much to biology. Indeed, the theory goes beyond just […]

Two Days Left to Enter to Win Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

[Note: For a comprehensive rebuttal to critics of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, please see: NCSE Exposed at] We’re giving away 10 copies of Expelled on DVD! There is still time left to enter the contest to win a copy of Expelled. All entries must be in by midnight October 31st. Click here to enter. […]

Behe’s Critics Fail to Understand Analogies and Design Detection

Whenever biochemist Michael Behe’s argument for design from “irreducibly complex” molecular machines appears, there is a Darwinist waiting in the wings with a devastating critique (or so he thinks). Take as an example the following passage from biologist Craig M. Story. He recently reviewed Fazale Rana’s new book The Cell’s Design for Christianity Today (see […]

A Footnote to a Footnote to a Footnote: More on Schwabe and relaxin

Two scientists who read the second reply to John Timmer complained (one publicly, the other in an email) that I had neglected to inform readers about the refutation of one of Christian Schwabe’s claims about the protein relaxin. Their complaints, while in my view misdirected, raise some interesting questions that I’ll discuss in my next […]

The Battle for Your Mind

P.Z. Myers and Steven Novella have recent posts on a new front in the war between materialism and reality. Having convinced only a small fraction of Americans that chance and tautology — i.e. Darwinism — adequately explains life (despite a court-ordered monopoly on public education for the last half-century), materialists are moving on to your […]

The Catechism Versus the Data (Part 3): The “Fact” of Evolution

This is the third in a blog series responding to John Timmer’s online review of the supplementary biology textbook Explore Evolution. The first part is here, and the second here. 3. Open Your Catechism to Page One: The Fact of Evolution So what is the “fact” of evolution? Timmer argues that “aspects of the theory […]

Predictions About Ronald Wetherington and His Forthcoming Review of the Texas Science Standards

In my first post on TEKS reviewer Ronald Wetherington, professor of anthropology at Southern Methodist University (SMU), I discussed his history of trying to stifle free speech on evolution and then denying his intolerant actions. In one of his articles about Discovery Institute’s SMU conference, Wetherington attacked the conference because it was “not … a […]