Intelligent Design and the Artist’s Soul (Part 1)

Editor’s Note: This is crossposted at Professor Scot McKnight’s Beliefnet blog, Jesus Creed. In his article “Five Streams of the Emerging Church,” Scot McKnight identifies with Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger’s description of emerging Christians. One of the nine hallmarks of such Christians, according to the authors, is that they “create as created beings.” And […]

A Fog Over the Intelligent Design Debate

Editor’s Note: This is crossposted at David Klinghoffer’s Beliefnet blog, Kingdom of Priests. A pair of dueling websites, one that just went live, are engaged in an important argument over whether religious believers should continue to be fed the “opium of the people.” That’s the famous phrase Marx Karl used to deride all of religion. […]

Texas Evolution Lobby Making Power Grabs to Promote Their Censorship Agenda

A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article from last month, “Education Board in Texas Faces Curbs,” revealed how the Texas evolution-lobby has been seeking to use both censorship and power grabs to promote their agenda.  First, they sought to censor from Texas students any instruction on scientific weaknesses in evolution. Having lost that fight before the […]

New Book, Probability’s Nature and Nature’s Probability, Provides Accessible Introduction to Technical Aspects of Intelligent Design

Since the beginning of 2008, we’ve seen the publication of some excellent popular books introducing the topic of intelligent design (ID), including Intelligent Design 101 (with contributions by Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, J.P. Moreland, William Dembski, and Jay Wesley Richards) and William Dembski’s Understanding Intelligent Design. Another book just out is a small self-published book […]

New Atheists, New Theistic Evolutionists, and Who Is Right?

ID The Future podcast features a special interview worth highlighting to ENV readers: Click here to listen. This episode of ID the Future features CSC associate director John West interviewed by Anika Smith on the launch of the new website,, bringing clarity to the conversation between the new atheists such as Richard Dawkins and […]

Behe’s Back: The Letters Science and Trends in Microbiology Won’t Print

It must be hard to be the Darwinist editor of a major science journal, to have to constantly maintain the party line that there is no scientific debate between intelligent design and evolution while publishing articles whose authors seem haunted by design arguments, often taking it upon themselves to stick up a straw man of […]

Faith and Evolution: Friends or Foes? Find out at FaithandEvolution.Org

In recent years, debates over faith and evolution have continued to intensify. On the one hand, “new atheists” like Richard Dawkins have insisted that Darwinian evolution makes it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. On the other hand, “new theistic evolutionists” like Francis Collins have assured people that Darwin’s theory is perfectly compatible with […]

Order Without Design?

New Scientist, is calling The Universe: Order without design by Carlos Calle “excellent.” Why? There’s nothing new here, just the same old multiverse stuff that has been critiqued. The author combines a bunch of highly speculative, mostly metaphysical, controversial theories to reach his conclusions: eternal inflation, string theory and colliding branes. There will ALWAYS be […]