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Phillip Johnson and William Provine on Focus on the Family

Logan Paul Gage

Recently Focus on the Family aired part one of a two-part series on evolution. Reaching back into the archives, they played selections from a 1994 debate between intelligent design advocate Phillip Johnson (U.C. Berkeley) and Darwin-defender William Provine (Cornell).
One thing in particular struck me: ID advocates are often accused of wanting to push ID into the public high school classroom. Yet even in this early debate, Phillip Johnson clearly notes that ID advocates would be happy just to see Darwinism taught fairly with both its strengths and weaknesses made clear. And, more importantly, ID advocates would like to see the academy open up to discussion of intelligent design — not primarily the high school classroom.
You can listen to part one and part two of Dr. Dobson’s show by following these links.
Lastly, for more resources on documentaries and readings, go here. Not only is the debate available for purchase, but there is also a great clip from Expelled with Ben Stein interviewing Richard Dawkins.