Controversial New Collection Highlights Berlinski’s Dismantling of the Facade of Scientific Overconfidence

What do Discover magazine, The London Gazette, The Wichita Eagle, Commentary, Forbes, The Weekly Standard and UC Berkeley’s student paper, The Daily Californian, all have in common? They are just some of the publications that have published an essay or opinion piece by David Berlinski in the past 15 years. And those pieces are among 32 of Berlinski’s finest finally collected together in one volume: The Deniable Darwin. Berlinski, there is little argument, is a skeptic’s skeptic — the last of a dying breed. Lately it seems that everywhere one looks there is someone with the answer to everything. There are precious few true skeptics left, and Berlinski is certainly in the top rank in regards to the sciences. When Read More ›

New Work by Richard Lenski

A new paper from Richard Lenski’s group has appeared in Nature and has garnered a fair amount of press attention. Some people asked me for my thoughts about it. The new paper continues the grand experiment that Lenski has been publishing about lo these many years — allowing a culture of the bacterium E. coli to continuously grow and evolve under his close observation. The only really new thing reported is a technical improvement — these days one can have the entire genome of E. coli “re-sequenced” (that is, determine the sequence of the entire DNA of the particular E. coli you’re working with) done for an affordable cost. (There are companies which will do it for a fee.) So Read More ›

Studying the Devil’s Delusion, or A Guided Tour of the Ditchkins’ Dilemma

David Berlinski is currently stateside for his speaking tour of the U.S., and The Devil’s Delusion is selling briskly, already in its second printing in paperback. Now there’s a new discussion guide to complement Dr. Berlinski’s powerful book. Because Dr. Berlinski’s enjoyable style makes the book so eminently readable, not to mention its importance as a response to the new atheists, The Devil’s Delusion and its new discussion guide are a natural choice for book clubs, small groups, adult Sunday school classes, and anyone who wants to delve a little deeper. The guide reads as if a college professor highlighted the book’s most trenchant points and asked the class to chew on them, a style that proves fertile for book Read More ›

David Berlinski Takes The Devil’s Delusion on the road

David Berlinski is embarking on a speaking tour around the United States. For the most part he will be presenting his book The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions as a lecture at various universities, conferences and other appearances. Here are the basic details with links to get more information, and there will be continued updates at October 23 — lecture at King’s College, New York October 25 — Darwin’s Dilemma screening, USC, Los Angeles October 27 — lecture and discussion, Beverly Hills Library, Beverly Hills October 31 — lecture at ID conference, Colorado Springs November 3 — lecture at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio November 4 — lecture at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio November 5 — lecture at Read More ›

Los Angeles Premiere of Intelligent Design Film Moves to USC on Oct. 25th at 7pm

Those who live in the Los Angeles area are invited to attend a gala premiere screening of Illustra Media’s new documentary, Darwin’s Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record next Sunday, October 25th at 7:00 pm at the University of Southern California. The event is sponsored by the American Freedom Alliance. This premiere was originally scheduled for the California Science Center, but the Center canceled the event just a few days ago, leaving the organizers virtually no time to find a new location. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can show your support for free speech to debate the evidence for intelligent design by attending this important event! There is a free public reception starting at Read More ›