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Darwin’s Legacy Rebroadcast: Stream Talks by Michael Medved, Steve Fuller, and Tom Woodward

Anika Smith

If you’re wondering what a major one-night event with some of the leading voices challenging Darwinian evolution sounds like, here’s your chance to find out. If you’re interested in attending this year’s conference, featuring Michael Medved again, along with Dr. Stephen Meyer and Dr. David Berlinski, be warned: Last year’s conference sold out, and over 200 were turned away. Click here to secure your place with a ticket in advance.
From our friends at the C. S. Lewis Society:

Last year’s conference, “Darwin’s Legacy: The Hidden Story,” was held by the C. S. Lewis Society at the University of South Florida and featured Michael Medved and Professor Steve Fuller of the University of Warwick, along with CSLS director Tom Woodward. Highlights of this event will be rebroadcast several times in the coming weeks.
Program Schedule for the rebroadcast of last year’s program, “Darwin’s Legacy: The Hidden Story”
WTBN 570 & 910 AM
Sat. Jan. 9th at 11 AM
Thur. Jan. 21st at 8 PM
Sat. Jan. 9th at 4 PM
Sat. Jan. 23rd at 4 PM
Sat. Jan. 9th at 11 AM
Sat. Jan. 23rd at 11 AM

Anika Smith