Front-Loading and Theistic Evolution

In this clip, Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Signature In The Cell, discusses the proposal of some theistic evolutionists that all of God’s design of the world must have been “front-loaded” at the beginning of the universe.

Homochirality: The Truth Is Out Where?

When it comes to origin of life scenarios, the only way to explain the emergence of life from purely naturalistic premises is that life, and all of its necessary components, arose by chance, or by natural laws or by some combination of both.

A Fishy Story About AntiFreeze Gene Evolution

A new paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims to explain the origin of an antifreeze protein in an Antarctic fish. Though touted by Darwinian activists (note: I’m talking about Richard B. Hoppe, NOT the authors of the paper), this paper presents little more than a just-so story that shows no interest […]

Richard Dawkins, Worthless Bully

Richard Dawkins has now commented on the Martin Gaskell discrimination case where a distinguished astronomer was turned down for a job at the University of Kentucky (UK) because he expressed views sympathetic to intelligent design. Dawkins jauntily endorses such academic discrimination.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Fires Cassini Mission Senior Computer Admin Who Filed Discrimination Lawsuit

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) just dumped a lot of fuel on the fire of David Coppedge’s discrimination lawsuit by firing him on Monday. Coppedge’s lawsuit against JPL alleges discrimination because he was prevented from talking about intelligent design (ID). This could potentially expose JPL to a claim of wrongful termination and increase the merits […]