Can a Computer Think?

The Turing test isn’t a test of a computer. Computers can’t take tests, because computers can’t think. The Turing test is a test of us. If a computer “passes” it, we fail it.

A Positive, Testable Case for Intelligent Design

The theory of intelligent design begins with observations of how intelligent agents act when designing things. By observing human intelligent agents, there is actually quite a bit we can learn know and understand about the actions of intelligent designers.

Jerry Coyne’s Blacklist of ID Scientists

Notwithstanding Coyne’s absolute assertion that scientists who “adhere” to ID are unemployable, Coyne actually claims that his professional exclusion of scientists who endorse ID is not anti-religious bigotry.

“Junk DNA” and the Molecular Basis of Cell Identity

Once thought to be “junk,” or functionless vestiges of once-protein-coding-genes which have, through the course of evolutionary history, mutated to a state of non-functionality, the research documents that these lincRNAs have an extremely important — even crucial — role with respect to the determination of cellular identity.

Lauri Lebo’s Amnesia

We’ve heard of re-writing history, but Lauri Lebo takes it to a whole new level in her fight against objectivity in journalism.