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William Lane Craig Debates Lawrence Krauss Tonight, Takes on Sam Harris Next Week

CSC fellow William Lane Craig is always worth listening to, but it’s when he’s debating prominent atheists that the acuity of his mind comes into sharp relief. For those who enjoy a good argument, this week offers us not just one, but two such debates.
First, in what is certain to be an electric event tonight, Dr. Craig is going up against Lawrence Krauss at North Carolina State (event information here). Dr. Krauss is an eminent theoretical physicist at Arizona State University. Dr. Craig is a Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and author of Theism, Atheism, and Big Bang Cosmology.
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The event is free, but sure to be full tonight, so the organizers are graciously streaming the showdown live at, starting at 7pm EDT, 4pm PDT.
Next week Dr. Craig takes on Sam Harris at Notre Dame next Thursday, April 7 at 7pm EST in “The God Debate II: Is Good From God?
From the event announcement at Facebook:

Back by popular demand, the God Debate is bigger and better than ever. Two new speakers take the stage in the most contentious debate that Notre Dame has seen yet.
The God Debate II: Is Good from God?
Sam Harris vs. William Lane Craig
Two powerhouses of the religious and scientific worlds take each other on in the fight for religious relevance in a rapidly changing world. Sam Harris, one of the “Four Horsemen of Atheism,” a neuroscientist, philosopher, and bestselling author, will seek to show that the separation between scientific facts and human values is an illusion. Harris will prove that science, not religion, should provide the basis for morality.
Harris: “The fact that my continuous and public rejection of Christianity does not worry me in the least should suggest to you just how inadequate I think your reasons for being a Christian are.”
William Lane Craig is an American Evangelical Christian apologist, theologian, and analytic philosopher known for his work in the philosophy of religion, historical Jesus studies, and the philosophy of time. One of the foremost apologists in the field, Craig has faced some of the best and has been known to hold nothing back in his sharpshooting style of debate. Point by point, Craig will show that morality must be based upon the bedrock foundation of divine revelation, defending the vital role of religion in our modern times.
Craig: “It would, indeed, be arrogant and ignorant to claim that people cannot be good without belief in God.”

Anika Smith