Intelligent Design on the Rise Among Scottish University Students?

Anika Smith

The Times Education Supplement (TES) has an interesting article today looking at a study of Glasgow University biology students who reject Darwin’s theory. The article states that the study “may suggest a growing awareness of the intelligent design movement among secondary pupils.”
It’s a notably fair and objective piece, with former BBC Education Officer Alastair Noble giving his take on the research:

Alastair Noble, director of the Centre for Intelligent Design, said if the message of the research was that students should have more opportunity to assess the scientific evidence for the various positions around origins, no one would disagree with that.
He said the study’s definition of intelligent design was inaccurate and over-simplistic, although he was not surprised by the high levels of awareness of intelligent design – unlike evolution, it was intuitive and “a non-dogmatic, non-religious position which attempts to account for the sophistication we find in natural and living systems in terms of mind, as well as matter and energy”.