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Astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez on the Habitability of Gliese 581d

Anika Smith

In case you haven’t seen the news, reports on the recently discovered exoplanet Gliese 581d have some researchers claiming it might be habitable. Since astronomer (and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow) Guillermo Gonzalez is an expert on the subject, we interviewed him for the podcast. You might want to take a listen:

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Have scientists discovered a planet with possible life on it? On this episode of ID the Future, Anika Smith interviews astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez, co-author of The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery. As the co-originator of the Galactic Habitable Zone, Dr. Gonzalez knows better than anyone what it takes for a planet to sustain life. Listen in as he tells us whether the newly discovered exoplanet Gliese 581d is habitable.