Jonathan Wells Dispels The Myth of Junk DNA to Packed House in Seattle

Anika Smith

Tuesday night biologist Jonathan Wells gave a talk on his brand-new book, The Myth of Junk DNA, at the EMP’s JBL Theater in Seattle.

Around 150 people showed up on a rare fine spring evening to see Dr. Wells’ presentation, which included a screening of the book’s video trailer and time for Q&A.
The crowd was delighted to have Dr. Wells in front of them again after a few years between this book and his last, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design. After being introduced by CSC Director Stephen Meyer, Dr. Wells touched on some of the problems facing the neo-Darwinian prediction of “junk” DNA, problems raised by scientific research showing function for areas in the genome that were once considered “flotsam and jetsam.”
In a statement that just about sums up the debate over Darwinism and intelligent design, Dr. Wells said that stopping looking just because you don’t see the function for a system [as many biologists did when neo-Darwinism predicted “junk” DNA] is a bad idea and quite literally stopping science.
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The enthusiastic crowd was ready to ask questions, which led to an interesting discussion on common ancestry and intelligent design, as well as a brief glance at epigenetics.
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After the talk, many people stayed to meet Dr. Wells and have him sign their own copy of The Myth of Junk DNA, which was available for purchase at the event.
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For more pictures of the event, visit Dr. Well’s Facebook page.

Anika Smith



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