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Science Writers, Metaphysics, and the End of the Dissemination Chain

Anika Smith

CSC Fellow Cornelius Hunter gives us the big picture view of the recent dustup with John Farrell at Forbes as “an interesting example of how evolutionary thinking is handed down and disseminated.” Hunter makes the point that the philosophy comes before the science in Darwinism, and that the best arguments used against design having nothing at all to do with empirical evidence:

Believing that god does not exist does not preclude believing things about god. In fact, ironically, atheists often hold their theological views more intensely than do “religious” people.

The science is weak but the metaphysics are strong. This is the key to understanding evolutionary thought. The weak arguments are scientific and the strong arguments, though filled with empirical observation and scientific jargon, are metaphysical.

Read the whole post at Hunter’s aptly-titled blog, Darwin’s God.