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A Cordial Invitation to Dr. Dennis Venema and Others: The Gates to Commenters Are Thrown Open

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Dennis VenemaCasey Luskin has been writing about the response to Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell from our theistic evolutionary friends at the BioLogos Foundation. Dennis Venema in particular has critiqued Signature in a series of blog posts that, as Casey argues, misunderstand Meyer’s book and the whole meaning of intelligent design. In our current top story (“Richard Lenski’s Long-Term Evolution Experiments with E. coli and the Origin of New Biological Information”), Luskin replies to Venema in considerable detail.
We extend this respectful invitation to Dr. Venema to read what Casey Luskin has to say and give us his response. We don’t routinely open the comments feature at ENV because of the staffing requirement that comes into play when we do, cleaning up after Darwinists who don’t know how to have a discussion on science without descending to the gutter. But on Casey Luskin’s reply to Venema regarding LTEE, E. coli, and the results reported by Richard Lenski, the gates to all commenters are now thrown wide open. RSVP.

Evolution News

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