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New Website Celebrates Darwin on Trial in Its 20th Anniversary

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There’s a really nice looking new 20th Anniversary edition of Phillip Johnson’s seminal ID text out from InterVarsity Press. Reading or rereading Darwin on Trial is the most fitting way to honor the book that, more than any other, is responsible for lighting the fire that became the modern scientific critique of neo-Darwinism with its matched scientific alternative to evolutionary orthodoxy: intelligent design. But don’t stop there. We also announce the launch of a rich new website with articles by UC Berkeley legal scholar Johnson, his lectures (as above), articles about the book, a biography and other helpful resources.
We’ll have more to say here at ENV in coming days with essays by David Berlinski, Joshua Youngkin and more. Also head over to our sister site, Intelligent Design: The Future, where you’ll find great new podcasts including:

  • Monday, November 14 (that’s today): David Boze reflects on the Darwin on Trial anniversary, plus excerpts from our DOT celebration back in August.
  • Tuesday, November 15: James Kushiner, editor of Touchstone magazine, pays tribute to Darwin on Trial.
  • Friday, November 18: Tributes to DOT by Paul Nelson and Jonathan Wells.
  • Monday, November 21: A tribute by Stephen Meyer.
  • Wednesday, November 23: The man himself, Phillip Johnson, reflects on DOT and its impact.

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