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Christian Post: Darwin on Trial Still Resonates 20 Years Later

Andrew McDiarmid

Mark Hensch at The Christian Post writes that Phillip Johnson’s 1991 book Darwin on Trial “made intelligent design into an anti-evolution battle cry” that is still stirring up debate today. He quotes Casey Luskin, research coordinator at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, who says that Darwinian theory has utterly failed to explain the origin of many complex features in organisms.
To strike a balance, he also quotes a 2006 statement on the teaching of evolution from the American Association for the Advancement of Science that hails evolution as “robust” and “widely accepted.” This particular statement, written less than two months after the Kitzmiller v. Dover School District court decision, goes on to say that the AAAS is “deeply concerned” about certain legislation and policies that may “deprive students of the education they need to be informed and productive citizens.” As if allowing students to study the strengths and weaknesses of evolutionary theory would be somehow detrimental to them as adults.
Hensch is right. The debate still rages today.
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