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How to Say “Merry Christmas!” to Evolution News & Views

In responding sweetly to our holiday appeals the past couple of weeks, readers have gone all out. Talk about sweet, Mr. & Mrs. R. of Chattanooga sent a truly delicious bundt cake. From a reader in Kansas City, we received a hand-knitted argyle sweater and instructions that it was intended especially for our David Berlinski. Thanks, Mrs. J.! We’ve forwarded it to David in Paris and can’t wait to see it on him.

Other kind souls sent a variety of colorfully wrapped packages. On a couple of these gifts we couldn’t make out the return address so a friend with TSA at SeaTac Airport gave those a once-over for any unusual chemical traces. All clear! Now they look great around the office Christmas tree.

But setting fancy aside, folks…
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For our part, we are never going to stop quoting the comment about us we found on a prominent Darwinist blog, Panda’s Thumb: “Evolution News & Views is arguably the best source for the views of the top-tier ID proponents.” Arguably? In fact, there’s no argument about it.

At ENV we provide daily coverage of new science research, analysis and views of what the science means, its implications in strictly scientific terms but also the historical background and worldview significance. Some 600 articles a year. More than any other medium out there — books, journal articles, other websites — we are your go-to source for the most current news and views from leading ID scientists, analysts and other thinkers.

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