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Santorum on Evolution: “It’s Worth a Debate.” Yeah, It is.

Huffington Post puts a false headline on a new soundbite from one GOP presidential candidate, speaking on evolution: “Rick Santorum Urges Teaching of Creationism in Public Schools.” The YouTube heading also gets it wrong: “Santorum Wants Schools to Undermine Evolution.” You were surprised?
Of course he says neither of those things. We’ve all had days when we’re less articulate than we might like, but what Santorum is basically saying here is that dogmatic Darwinism imposes a circular form of reasoning on us, whether we’re students, teachers, parents, or anyone at all: If scientific evidence points to a designer behind nature, it can’t really be “science” because science doesn’t point to a designer. We’ve made this point on ENV many times — see, for example, Jonathan Wells here. “It’s worth a debate,” concludes Santorum. He’s right, it is.