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We Get Love from Leading Darwinist Group Blog

Yeah, that’s right, and seemingly without irony either. The source: Panda’s Thumb. If ENV ever writes a book, we’ll include this as a dust-jacket blurb:

Evolution News & Views is arguably the best source for the views of the top-tier ID proponents.

So says author Jack Scanlan who also concedes we have “a bit of a point” in noting how “the fact that [Darwinian] science bloggers and scientists don’t even mention the main ID arguments makes it look like they don’t know how to respond to them.” Well, thanks. We accept the gracious concession. Scanlan asks, “Anyone want to take bets on how David [Klinghoffer] will spin my admission?” What’s there to spin?
This has put us in such a good mood we’re almost tempted to open the great Black Gate that allows comments so all the other Darwinists can write in and tell us how much they love us.