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Even Darwinist critics of intelligent design recognize it: If you want to know what’s going on in the world of ID, if you want the latest news on science — evolution, cosmology, paleontology, every biological field and specialty — unfiltered by the materialist blinders that the rest of the media keep firmly in place, you need to follow what we do here at ENV. There’s no substitute — no book, journal or other website provides the service we do. At the end of this month our writers at ENV will have filed about 600 articles in 2011. That’s a lot of information and reporting and we plan to top ourselves next year.
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But obviously it all doesn’t come free. Well, it comes free to you, every day throughout the rest of the year, valued reader. That’s why we ask you now, as the year winds down, to think about how you’ve benefited from the news and views you find here and here alone, and then donate generously. Support the Center for Science & Culture by clicking on the friendly, helpful button.

We, for our part, will go back to flogging Casey and Jonathan, our tireless and brilliant news gatherers and analysts, and all the top ID scientists who share their thoughts here — Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Ann Gauger, Paul Nelson. We will demand greater and greater feats of productivity. More! More! We didn’t give you permission to leave your computer. Write! Report! Analyze! Repeat!