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One of These Days, Alice, One of These Days. Pow! Right in the Kisser!

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Among Darwinist bloggers, Jack Scanlan holds the distinction of having registered the longest-standing series of empty threats to read/review/debunk Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell. A frequent writer for Panda’s Thumb, he issued another threat hardly more credible than the others. This time he writes in the context of a family vacation:

I’ll just be reading some of the numerous books I’ve acquired, both recently and a while ago. The priority at the moment is Stephen C. Meyer’s Signature in the Cell, which was sent to me in March last year by Paul Nelson.
Analysing Signature has actually been rather easier than I initially thought it would be.

To show he’s serious he reproduces this photo of Signature on his reading table juxtaposed with a notebook where he’s jotting down his devastating critiques.
Signature in the Cell.jpg
Credit where credit is due. Probably, unlike some of his more senior colleagues in the world of academic Darwin defenders, gents like Francisco Ayala, Scalan won’t pretend to have read the book when he hasn’t, or pretend there’s nothing there to review. Yet we also expect that when he’s mature and full of years, if not wisdom like ENV, he’ll still be threatening to read Signature in the Cell.

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