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Leading into Evolution Sunday, Christian Research Journal Asks “Where Did We Come From?”

At ENV, we traffic primarily in electronic resources but with Evolution Sunday coming up this weekend — the premiere event for showcasing everything that Darwin apologetics has to offer in a religious context — we commend a really nice product available only on paper. It’s the new number of Christian Research Journal, a special issue on the theme of cosmic and biological origins. The cover asks, “Where Did We Come From?”
About half the contributors are names that ENV readers will know well: Jay Richards on “Thinking Clearly about God and Evolution”; Paul Nelson on “Why Natural Selection Cannot Explain the Origin of Animal Development”; Stephen C. Meyer on “Unlocking the DNA Enigma”; Casey Luskin on “Letting Science, Not Rhetoric, Drive the Debate over Intelligent Design”; Guillermo Gonzalez on “Would Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Spell Doom for Christianity?”; William Dembski on “Borderline Heretic: James Shapiro and His Twenty-First Century View of Evolution”; and more.
It’s a thoughtful and useful roundup, not only for Christians either. You can get a copy here.

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