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More on Peter Gleick’s Relationship to the National Center for Science Education

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After receiving some reader resistance to my characterizing disgraced climate activist Peter Gleick as having already joined the board of directors at the National Center for Science Education, before he resigned, I contacted NCSE communications director Robert Luhn to get things straight. The NCSE website (above) had clearly stated, as of January 13, more than a month ago, that Gleick had joined the board. Was this not so?
Luhn replied:

Peter was offered the board membership in early January, about the time we did our climate change rollout. But he was never strictly on the board. We made the offer, he accepted the nomination, and he would have been formally installed this Saturday, the 25th. (The date of our annual board meeting.)

I asked:

By “installed” do you simply mean that would have been his first board meeting? Your website had clearly stated that he already “joined” the board. Was the website in error?

Luhn answered:

By installed I mean, “officially joined the board.” The web site and the releases (written and posted by me) about Peter joining were done in advance, so I could announce it during our rollout in January.

The long and the short of it seems to be that Gleick had joined the board, as reflected in the advance notice on the website, and was simply waiting to sit with his NCSE colleagues at his first board meeting this Saturday. That would have served as his “official” induction.
UPDATE: This clearly refutes the earlier dismissive remark by Luhn’s NCSE colleague Josh Rosenau that Gleick is “someone with no formal ties to NCSE.”