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David Coppedge and Attorney Take His Case to the Court of Public Opinion

David Coppedge’s case goes to court this week: the court of public opinion. Today Coppedge and his attorney William Becker were on Fox News. The appearance was short but informative, allowing David to succinctly state his side of the case. He did very well.
About 40 seconds in, Becker defined what ID is, correcting the host of the program, and clearly explained why the discrimination against Coppedge is being termed “religious discrimination.” In short, JPL leaders think intelligent design is religion, and so when they demoted and later fired him for talking about intelligent design it was clearly an infringement of his rights.

“Intelligent design does not propose that there is a higher power, it doesn’t even suggest what the intelligent designer is or could be….,” attorney William Becker told Fox News.
It was the common belief that intelligent design is a religion that may have led to the firing, the lawyer said.
“David was discriminated against based on the perception that he was advocating a religious idea, a religious dogma,” Becker said.

More information and background on the case is available here.