Get Informed on Tennessee’s Academic Freedom Bill

Darwin-only lobbyists have cranked up their propoganda machines for a massive misinformation campaign on the Academic Freedom bill currently being debated in Tennessee. It passed out of the State Senate with overwhelming bi-partisan support and is likely to be voted on in the State House this week.
What does the Tennessee bill really do? The latest edition of ID The Future answers that question:

On this episode of ID the Future, host David Boze interviews Casey Luskin about the controversy surrounding the passage of Tennessee’s Senate Bill 893. This bill supports academic freedom in the classroom by protecting the rights of teachers to discuss scientific controversies, including the controversies over Darwinian evolutionary theory. However, there are those who denounce the bill as merely a medium for putting religion in the classroom. Is this a legitimate accusation? Listen up as Casey explains the true content and purpose of TN Senate Bill 893.